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Lor Bradley

Our Founder

Hey, I'm Lor Bradley and I help entrepreneurs tap into simple methods to scale. I have 30-years experience in business and comfortably scaling to 8-figures. I've worked with thousands of diverse entrepreneurs and corporate clients. I lay out exactly what to do to scale a thriving business and teach solid strategies to scale - by working smarter, and not harder.


I'm also the author and creator of:

The 12-Step Business Bootcamp, Niche Mastery, Grow Your TribeThe 80/20 Club, and Scale + Skyrocket!

Lor Bradley
My Story

Driving Change 

Lauryn Bradley

I’m a huge advocate of collaboration and community, and when people come together under a common purpose and shared values, they THRIVE.


I have a vision to bring women entrepreneurs together with shared values of achieving equity through building businesses that are inclusive, diverse and accessible to all.  And these businesses are the vehicle to help us to deliver greater and broader change. We are stronger together.


My commitment is to use my wealth to drive change where it's needed most, to empower and support others (via advocacy through my own experiences) and play my small part toward building a socially equitable society. 


I grew up on the fringes of what's considered 'normal.' I was raised in the LGBT+ community. I believe in finding our super power in our difference and celebrating that. It makes us resilient and strong. I'm (naturally) an advocate for LGBT+, and the Intersex community (the forgotten 'I'). 


If you feel 'different' then I am a safe haven.

My Values
Lor Bradley
Lor Bradley

Generating Business Wealth To Drive Change 

Nyasha and I caught up recently when she briefly landed at my local airport (sometimes you just have to grab those moments!)We discussed changing the lives of aspiring entrepreneurs who, due to the patriarchal society we live in, are restricted from easily accessing investment to make their scale dreams a reality.


Now, as with any call for change, we can choose to do one of 3 things; we can do nothing, we can use our voices to raise awareness, or we can ask ourselves "What can I DO?"


At Scale + Skyrocket we are DOING! I'm thrilled to be collaborating with Nyasha to support a £100m World Impact Fund which will do exactly that; change the lives of thousands of women entrepreneurs in Sub Saharan Africa, and then globally.


 Nyasha also runs 9 companies, with one organisation placing over 4,000 children into loving foster homes in both Africa and the UK.  

Lor Bradley


Emma Veiga-Malta


Hello, I’m Emma; strategic brand designer and business owner.


I have 22 years experience running creative businesses in both Europe and Australia. With a BA(Hons) design degree from Ravensbourne University London, I moved to Switzerland where I set up various enterprises in the art and design space. And got married and started a family - it was a busy 12 years.


In 2010, we arrived in Sydney, Australia, where today I run a design business called Bespoke Backdrops & Branding, specialising in strategic brand design and custom video backdrops. I work with clients globally in a variety of industries and business models that range from pure-player online to traditional business and a hybrid of both.


Using design thinking, I help businesses launch, grow and scale. I create brand identities that fit with their business strategy, reflect their business direction and goals, and within their industry landscape to attract their ideal clients. 


My love for art and design mixed with my experience in the business world means I am perfectly placed to create beautiful brand identities that work in tandem with your business. Good design is good for business!


I have been a business mentor and design expert for various business schools and entrepreneurship programs, and have spoken at conferences and summits internationally.


My children are fully grown after having left home; my grumpy cat is busy sleeping most of the time; my husband keeps himself busy, which means I am fully focused on my work and helping you in Scale + Skyrocket. This makes me truly happy!


Nyasha Gwatidzo


Nyasha Gawtidzo

Hi, I'm Nyasha. I come from a rural village in Zimbabwe and came to the UK for my studies. My career as a social entrepreneur started over 30 years ago, when I decided to help children in need. Today, I run 9 successful social enterprises, events and one charity based in the UK and Africa. I love sharing what I have learned through my journey of social entrepreneurship.


During the last 30+ years, I've launched and built several successful multi-million pound social enterprises in the UK, which have generated a cumulative £130 Million turnover. I've had the opportunity to collaborate with other social entrepreneurs to set up new ventures together and impact thousands of change-makers world-wide.


After meeting many social entrepreneurs and change-makers all over the world, I realised those of us who want to make a huge social impact go through similar steps, struggles and challenges. At Scale + Skyrocket, I'm here to mentor you on using your business to do the same.


When I'm not changing the world, I love to spend time at my home in Guernsey. I have three children and an amazing grandson. My favourite hobbies are walking & knitting and I love spending time in my greenhouse. I'm fluent in English and Shona languages and my favourite place in the world is the Victoria Falls!


Eloise Burton


Eloise Burton.

Just a few years ago, I was a money mess. I’d played at running my own business but never felt capable. I’d discovered manifestation techniques but I just couldn’t get the consistency or the belief to make it happen. I was £100k in credit card debt and couldn’t see a way out.


And let's fast forward to today! Life couldn't be more different! After manifesting the money which paid off my debt, I now live (for now!) in my dream home. I run three successful businesses, one of which is Fearlessly Feminine, and each generates income every day for me and my family.


I love blending totally logical things with a powerfully magical approach and have found this creates fun and flow when it comes to happiness, health and wealth.


Colleen Jeffs


Colleen Jeffs

Hey, I'm Colleen and I'm a Funnel Strategist. I work with coaches and consultants to help them scale their businesses using automated means.


I'm very down to earth and have a relaxed, heart-centered approach to my business. I've worked in the IT industry for over 20 years and love to see my clients win.  


I founded my company 'The Honest Tech Company' with my partner Paul Read, and I live in a small town on the South Island of New Zealand with my two kids and a rescue dog.


I love to travel and enjoy a plant-based lifestyle. When I'm not helping fellow digital business owners to grow their business, I love to spend time skiing, hiking and mountain biking!


Zoë Weldon


Zoë Weldon

Hey there! I'm Zoë Weldon from SeekerLoverDreamer; Social Media gun, Digital Marketing Strategist and Podcast Host.


Creating killer online marketing strategies is my secret weapon and I use it to help brands tell powerful stories. I’m a big energy human with tonnes of creativity and also a nerd who loves analytics, numbers and budgets.


I work with businesses - large and small - to help launch products/services or build global marketing strategies. 


Warning: I cannot be trusted alone with a jar of Nutella.