How To Find Your Ideal Client With Social Media!

So, Lor, Where Do My Ideal Clients Hang Out?!


Ok, so we know the internet is a vast source of information and when you want to grow your business one of the things you need to do is know your ideal client inside out, as these are the people that are going to buy from you and ultimately grow your business.  So, probably my most frequently asked question that I’m asked by women in business (other than “where do I find my login”) has to be “Lauryn, where do my ideal clients hang out?” and one of the best places to tap into understanding your ideal client, and where to find them is on social media.


So today I’m going to jump right on in and give you my tips on how to use social media to do some audience analysis, better understand your customers and where they’re hanging out!


I’m Lor Bradley, author of Grow Your Tribe. And I’m a business strategist, and online business mentor and I show entrepreneurs smart ways to escape the 'feast or famine' trap by working smarter, not harder in business!


Start by Checking out your Ideal clients Social Media Profiles


Now this one sounds a bit stalker-ish but don’t worry this is purely for research! And if you have an ideal client who’s purchased from you recently then start with them. And we’re going to use the example here that you’re an online travel agent business. And, if you’re not comfortable searching for personal profiles and the person you’re researching happens to be in business, or has a public page, then use those instead. You’re going to find lots of useful psychographics and demographics information about them here and you’ll find lots of useful insights about:

  • What they love,
  • What they feel passionate about and,
  • Their own values. 


On Social media, many people post also public content to their followers on their personal pages so it’s a great place to see what you can learn about them. I follow my ideal paying customers public profiles and I learn a lot about them here, and it’s not technically stalking if they’ve posted publicly. 


So, an example of this, is on my own profile. You’ll see I’m an entrepreneur, you can see that I’m sharing that I’m leading a Facebook community and I’m also sharing that I’m an author and that I’ve published a business book called grow your tribe. 

Lor Bradley. Facebook Profile

So, thinking out of the box, my profile tells you that I like interacting with business owners, I like creating and sharing content. So, I’m a potential ideal client for those of you who create tools, or educational materials and MORE so if you are also women in business. But, in this example you’re a travel agent so that doesn’t give you any information about how you can serve me with your travel agency business, but you see that because of what I DO its likely I can afford your services, so let’s keep digging for some deeper connections.


If we hop on over to Instagram and search for Lor Bradley, you can find my public personal profile.

Lor Bradley. Instagram Profile. Screenshot.

And looking at my profile you can see I like travelling, I like exploring places and I love the outdoors. So, you now know that if you were to talk on social media about travel or the outdoors that you’re going to capture my attention. And that also tells you that entrepreneurs, or people like me are likely to be hanging out in communities, or places focusing on travel. 


What Are You Ideal Clients Sharing On Social Media?


So, you’ve found their profiles or their pages, so now you can take a closer look at the content your ideal client, or your audience are posting and sharing. Doing this is going to help you to build greater connections with them when you start posting your own content.

Bomba Shack, Tortola, BVI

Note: I like to share interesting places, such as the 'upcycled' bar, Bomba Shack in Tortola, BVI.

Also, if your ideal paying customers are also business owners you might be part of the same facebook groups so you’ll see them post questions, they may start discussions or they might post fun things that can give you a tons of information about their interests, and what they care or worry about.


And when you read a post, read all the comments underneath that post rather than just the question that’s been asked so you can see what other similar people are saying as well. 


So, if you are in my own Facebook community The 80/20 Club, you’ll know I talk about my love of supporting social equity, inclusivity, diversity, animals and the environment. So again, when you post content about any of those topics, I’m likely to be interested in your content and will engage!


So, a perfect post to reach people like me would be to talk about environmentally friendly destinations that are suitable for people who love to explore, but also need to get online to run their business.


Who Do Your Followers Follow?


I’m not going to go into this one too much as I have already created a video on Identifying Who Your Customers Follow, but take a look at which other businesses or influencers that your customers follow. So, if you look at who I follow over on Instagram, you’ll see I prefer to follow travel or adventure related content creators because that’s what I love to do when I’m not working.

Lor Bradley. Instagram Profile. Who I follow

Let’s take our example travel company and you spot that I’m following a travel company on my Instagram. Go and check that competitor out! 


And doing this serves 2 great benefits:

  1. You can check out the other travel companies I maybe buying from and what their packages and services are like. And you can also get an idea of how you’re unique with your own travel packages.
  2. You can also find out who your competitors are and make your offerings stand out by understanding your competitors products and how you are unique.


What you want to aim for here is to find that gap between you and your competitors that you can hop on in and snugly fill. 


Engage Your Audience On Social Media!


Create opportunities for your target audience or ideal clients to engage with your business.

Example of an audience poll on social media

Note: A perfect example from my 'go to' travel experts Lee & Louise at Not Just Travel - Your Holiday

Post polls, opinions, tips, and questions, and funny things encourage them to get involved in your conversations. And these conversations don’t always have to be about your business, the point here is to start the conversations and get engaging. 


Create facebook communities that align to your business and your shared values and encourage your audience across your social media platforms to come and hang out there. For example, if you’re a travel company and want to target wealthy entrepreneurs you might want to set up a facebook group for entrepreneurs who love to travel and share their experiences.


I talk about how doing this can be a great way to grow your business in another video over here. Another way to tap into your ideal clients is to look for the post engagement options on each social media platform so that’s things like surveys or competitions where you can get your audience involved.


Also make a point of whenever you have any form of contact with your audience to make good use of the opportunity and learn more about them, find out where they hang out and ask them for feedback. They’ll be happy to help out! 


Publish Your Content On Social Media


Ok, You’ve spent hours writing a great blog post to connect with entrepreneurs who love to travel, so you now need to get that in front of your target audience. Whenever you hit publish on your youtube or website, go over to your facebook page or your communities and tell share that with them. Tag people you know will enjoy your post. So, if you think I’ll like your travel post then tag me in it and see what I’ll do!


So Im going to caveat this by saying this works really well if you know who you are, who you want to serve and why. So if you haven’t yet figured that out then check out my video on How To Grow Your Business By Solving Your Customers Problems


Experiment with different conversation topics and see what types of content your audience goes for, and in particular your ideal clients. Your social media analytics are also going to tell you which posts are getting the most engagement or reach. Looking at how many likes and shares will tell you what people are enjoying.


Ask Customers For Feedback


And lastly, keep being open and willing to talk to your ideal clients and your audience.


I genuinely love to hang out with friends in my audience and I really like asking for feedback. I think feedbacks really important wether it’s the good, the bad or the really ugly. It keeps me on my toes, and it helps me not only to improve but to better understand how my wider audience and paying customers are thinking and feeling.

Lor Bradley. Feedback Poll

Note: My customers opinions matter

So, ask them, what are they saying about you, your content and your business. Not all feedback is easy to hear but choosing to be open, present and to do your best to hear what they are telling you will help you to service them better in your business.


So, you can never spend too much time digging into your audience and ideal clients because think about it this way, they are the reason your business exists. And I can’t say enough how important it is that analyzing the audience and knowing your ideal clients REALLY IS the key to growing your business!


xo, Lor Bradley.

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