How To Grow Your Business By Solving Your Customers Problems

What’s your customers biggest problem, or need?


So, if you are struggling to find the right customers to buy your product or service, its likely because you haven’t yet made that connection between what they are looking for and what you are actually offering.


Now, I often say that there are 3 ways to grow your business:

  1. to raise your prices,
  2. to sell more and
  3. to increase your customer base.


And the fastest way to grow your business is by understanding what your customers want and providing the solution to that. Sounds easy right but you’d be surprised how many small business owners get over-focused on the solutions (so that’s their offerings) and then trying to find a customer to buy it. And it’s much harder to grow your business this way and bag those sales.


So, in today’s video, we’re going to talk about my top tips on HOW and WHERE to switch your approach to become ‘problem’ focused to grow your business. I’m Lor Bradley, a business strategist, business mentor and online business consultant and I show women entrepreneurs smart ways to escape the 'feast or famine' trap by working smarter, not harder in business.


So, the secret sauce to success here is to double down and get really focused on your audiences, or your customers problems, or their wants. And this is suitable for those of you who are new in business and those who’ve been trading in a particular marketplace for some time.


Ok, so let’s get going.


Number 1 - Create a Win Win Mindset.


Bringing a win win mindset to your business is going to set you up for success. Every business that I create I always approaches this with the attitude of “how can I make my customers truly thrive through working with me?” I’ve found over the last thirty years in business that when my customers thrive, I thrive. Thriving customers buy more, they refer your business to others who will then buy, and thriving customers stay loyal. And we start building that thrive relationship by solving the problem or filling the WANT. 


Remember, we mostly tend buy what we WANT, and not necessarily what we NEED. Imagine you need to buy a car. You go to the dealership and you see a shiny BMW next to say, an average car with 4 doors. Now, you know you need is a car but which one do you want? My bet is you want the BMW right? 

So how does solving Customer Problems create a win-win situation? Well, we’re constantly searching for solutions to our problems online. Google and YouTube are the most visited places when we have a question to ask. And when we search to find the answer to something, we ask a question that phrases the problem or WANT, we don’t type in the solution unless we already know what we are looking for. And if we don’t go to a search engine, we’ll often reach out to our friends for help on social media. So, we turn to experts and friends for help with the issues we’re facing. 


So, think about it this way with your business. If your customers are searching for something that you sell, they are most likely to be asking a question. So, what is the question they will be asking Google? Because that question will lead them to your business where you’re selling the answer to their question. Your customers are going to be searching for the solutions with money in their pocket and people are more than willing to pay good money for something that either saves them time, saves them money, makes them feel good or dramatically improves their lives by taking away the problem that they’re facing. And when we know what question they are asking; we can find the right keywords to lead them towards our business.


Number 2 - Solve Your Ideal Customer Problems.


Double down on the Problems they’re facing, or the WANTS that they have. If you can answer the question they’re commonly asking Google then you’ll naturally have captured the secret sauce to owning a profitable online business. So, remember, the first step is to work out what they’re asking which will lead them to your business and now, this step is to discover what issues your ideal customers are facing. And If you know your customer well, you probably have a pretty good idea of what problems they already face, or their wants. But it’s always a savvy move to do plenty of research to back up your thinking.


I’m going to give you a few suggestions on really easy ways to find out the problems your audience or ideal customers are facing:


  1. Firstly, just ask them! Ask your customers what problems they face and what kinds of solutions they’re looking for. And you know what? Most of them are going to be more than happy to talk to you! Or you could follow conversations in Facebook groups, in forums, on Q&A websites, and in blog comments. Read though these and see what problems people are often asking for help with. For me, the most asked question I see is “where do I find my customers?” And that’s why I’m making this video series as I know it’s a commonly asked question, and it’ll lead more people to my business.
  2. Another way is to find out what your target ideal paying customers are buying right now. One of the ways you can do this is go online and look at the things that are selling well in online stores such as Amazon. So, in my own example problem of ‘where do my customers hang out’, I usually look through the reviews of business books on Amazon to find which questions have been left unanswered. You’ll find people are generally quick to point out where something is missing in a book or a product! And then what you can do is take those unanswered questions and then provide the solutions, or the answers to them yourself!
  3. And lastly, as I talked about in this video you can dig into understanding your competitors your ideal paying customers are already following. You can research the type of content they enjoy, the stuff that they re-share, and the conversations and communities they get involved in. 


Number 3 - Create an Elevator Speech.


OK, Now it’s time to get clear that you are the right business with the solution to help them solve that problem, or you’re going to need to make it clear that you are the right person to provide the answer to what they’re asking. One of the things I notice is when I ask business owners what they do, and I’ll often get either a half-hearted answer or, on the flip side, I’ll sit listening to a really long-winded and fuzzy explanation of what it is they actually do, or what problem they solve.


But if you think about this in the context of this video about solving your ideal paying customers problems, then, this isn’t a very great way of putting your business across to them. So, a better way to think of your business is to get clear and simply explain how you’re going to solve their problems, or if you’re a creative business, how you’re going to satisfy their love of beautiful things.


And one of the ways you can do this is by creating what I like to call an elevator pitch. And you keep this in your back pocket, so to speak, and you use that when you introduce your busines to others. And it’s called an elevator speech because it can be said in less than the time it takes to travel in an elevator! And the format is really simple;


I help [insert WHO you help] to [then insert HOW you help them] so they can [then insert how they will be transformed].”


And here’s my own similar example;


“I show women entrepreneurs smart ways to escape the 'feast or famine' trap by working smarter, not harder in business.” 


So, you can use this elevator speech when someone asks you what it is you DO, and it also helps you to be clear in the exact solution for their problem.


Number 4 - Connect With your Customers On A Personal Level. 


So, making great connections with your potential customers means identifying as clearly as you possibly can why you’re different to everybody else in a crowded market. So, think about how your offering is unique and why you are the no brainer choice for them to work with you. Create personal connections by building know, like and trust. And if you want to understand how you can do that, then my other video talks about how to stand out in a crowded market.


So, get laser focused on your ideal customers, think about how you’re unique and how you can make yourself the only solution to their problems or needs. 


Lor Bradley

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