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Grow Your Business With Facebook Groups

Now there are three ways to grow a business, to sell more, to increase your customers or to increase your prices. In todays video we’re going to focus on my quick tips for growing your business with Facebook groups and winning new customers.


Increasing your customer base, or growing your audience is one of the best ways to grow your business, and grow your income! When you’re looking to grow your business income it's important to utilize as many approaches as possible, and there are excellent opportunities to be had in the real world as there is online.


I’m Lor Bradley, a business mentor and I’ve started, grown and scaled global businesses for myself and other entrepreneurs for almost thirty years. I show female entrepreneurs how to grow their business by working smarter, not harder so they can escape the feast or famine trap and have the life they want. I earn eighty percent of my business income passively which means I can stop trading time for money and do the things in my business and life that I really want to do!



Where do your ideal paying customers hang out?


Facebook groups and other online forums where people come together in communities to discuss common interests can be a great place to find your ideal paying customers. And to get started with this all you need to do is find out where your ideal paying customers are likely to hang out and then use your fabulous networking skills to get to know them, ask genuine questions, roll your sleeves up and get stuck into the group.


Avoid the urge to sell right away


Many people believe that they need to start selling straight away when they join a new Facebook community but that’s not the case and its actually proven to hinder your chances of selling. Instead, try to be a helpful, engage by answering questions and be you.  Some online business communities have rule around what you can promote so when you’re joining business communities make sure your personal profile contains information about your business and your top products as people will naturally want to check you out as you start adding value into the community.

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In the The 80/20 Club we have weekly opportunites to promote your business and days to share your blogs, so it’s a great space to be in to build meaningful connections, promote and learn.


So, WHERE ARE these people we want to share our incredible offerings with?


What keeps your customers up at night?


If you can tap into the groups where your premium paying customers hang out then it can be very lucrative for your business. Im often asked ‘Lauryn, how do I find where my customers hang out’ and I cover that in more detail in my membership community but, think about it this way.


How does your ideal paying customer think, feel, and what kind of lifestyle do they live? What keeps them up at night?


For example, if you offer spiritual or personal lifestyle coaching then approach finding them from a different angle. 

Most successful entrepreneurs are looking to balance their busy work life with spiritual development AND the overall lifestyle they want.  So that means, entrepreneurial facebook groups are a good fit for you if you have this type of business. And the great thing is, successful entrepreneurs will be happy to pay for premium coaching because we naturally seek out personal growth in these areas.


Thinking about setting up your own facebook group?


Here’s why it will help you to grow your business:


1. You'll have a captive audience


Having your own facebook group will give you a captive audience and if you can nurture them, authentically connect then they will give you some incredible insights into what they want to see from your business. It’s a captive audience! 

Having a warm audience in a facebook group means they will have built know, like and trustwith you and more likely to invest in what you have to offer. Don’t oversell to your audience though; work hard to balance and nuture your social capital with your selling frequency.


2. Get real with your relationships to beat the facebook algorithm



Facebook is making it harder for businesses with just a page to reach its audience and instead Facebook are increasing the reach of groups and friends. And that’s because real talk and real connection is vital in a community like Facebook. So we, in our businesses, need to step up, be visible and authentically engage as we would with our friends in the real world.


With this in mind, the facebook algorithm will prioritise meaningful and insightful content from Facebook groups that have high engagement. So the more and your group are engaging, the great news is, the further you’ll be able to reach into the newsfeeds of your group members! 


3. Nurture deep connections with your tribe


Having your own facebook group will grow long lasting, deeper connections with your members! It shows you genuinely care, that you’re there to listen and answer questions and are loyal to them.


And there’s no better way to grow your business than having your followers and fans in one place where you can nurture them. Listen to them and support them if they want to talk about your products in the group.


xo, Lor Bradley

Simple Strategies To Grow Your Business

Strategies To Grow Your Business 

Tips and tricks alone won't help you to grow your business - but they can certainly go a long way! Watch every week as I share my smart business strategies to grow your business; by boosting productivity, increasing your revenue, understand your customers and selling without selling! 

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