Sell High Ticket Offers And Overcome Objections!

And your ideal client, or ideal paying customer profile contains everything about the people who are going to invest in you, who they are, what they do, how they think and feel. And this usually includes demographics and psychographics information.


You can see here a small snapshot of my own ideal paying customer profile for one of my offerings:

Lauryn Bradley. Ideal Client Example
Ideal client profile example. Lauryn Bradley
Lor Bradley
Lor Bradley. Who do your customers follow
Lor Bradley
Lor Bradley. Solve their problems to grow your business

The most important thing to remember is that making a high-ticket sale is a know, like and trust building exercise. You’re offering a solution to their problem so think about it this way, you’re working together to decide if your offering is the right fit for them.


Always remember to treat your customers kindly when they raise objections and try to understand how they think and feel because there’s usually more behind the objection than first meets the eye.


So, if you can prepare your responses in advance, you’ll be able to smash through those sales objections, you’ll build your confidence and you’ll build great relationships with your customers at the same time.


Until next time!

Lor Bradley.

Lor Bradley. Lor wearing a black t-shirt and is standing smiling in front of a white background.