How To Set Goals​ And Achieve Them

Lor Bradley. How To Set Goals
Lor Bradley. Setting Smart Goals

Turning Your Goals Into Action Steps


So, what you’ll need to do here is start by coming up with long-term goals, and then from these goals, break them out into shorter-term goals, projects and action steps. And this is how you turn your goals into daily activities that will get you closer to them. 


For example, your big goal might be to build your Facebook audience size to 10,000 women in business within 3 years, by December 2024. 


So, to do this you might want to break that into 3 1-year chunks. And in year 1, you might set yourself the action steps of:

  • defining and creating your Facebook community,
  • setting your communities purpose,
  • creating an attraction strategy to encourage people to join.


In the 1st year you might set yourself a target growth of two thousand members. And all of these milestones in that 1st year you can then create actionable items, and these items that can go on your daily or weekly "to do" list, or your 90-day plan


My Tips for Setting Goals


TIP 1: Stay Positive

Stay positive when you set your goals. Use positive phrasings. For example, rather than saying you want to reduce your customer cancellations, say that you want to improve customer loyalty and retention. 


TIP 2: Dream Big!

Now, don't be afraid to dream big with your goals. Even though your goals should be realistic, don't under-sell yourself. Even a huge goal can be achieved if you break it down into manageable chunks. 


TIP 3: Commit To Your Goals

Make a commitment to the goals you’ve set but try not to be too rigid as you may need to be flexible and open to making changes. Remember, things can change quickly in business, so you might have to change your goals due to the economy, your marketplace or anything else that crops up. So just be mindful of changes happening outside of your business.


TIP 4: Get Teams Involved

If you have teams then get them on board with your goal setting. Your teams might have fresh ideas or have alternative ways of breaking your goals down. The beauty of getting your teams involved is, they'll feel more motivated to pitch in and work toward goals they’ve helped to shape. 


TIP 5: Reward Yourself

And don’t forget, make sure you plan rewards for yourself when you achieve each goal!


Take some time out to celebrate your wins and give yourself a pat on the back!


xo, Lor Bradley.

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