Sell High Ticket Offers And Overcome Objections!

Get Into Your Customers Heads To Sell Your High Ticket Offers And Overcome Sales Objections!


If you want to increase your chances of someone buying your high-ticket offers, then read on! We’ve all been there in our businesses and it’s something we’ll probably never escape from. And that’s the dreaded moment when you’re so close to closing a sale and your customer says… ”I really like this but I’m not sure…” And it’s at this moment the outcome of your precious sale dangles above your head like the sword of damacles. 


Now it’s surprising just how many business owners have a fantastic offering, but they start their sales conversations without any prep around understanding and navigating the potential objections a customer will have about the purchase. 


Now, as an introvert entrepreneur I hate selling more than spiders (and I’m terrified of those!) so when it comes to handling customer objections, I like to use a couple of strategies to work around them and also to build my own confidence. So today I’m going to share with you 5 things you can easily do to tap into your ideal paying customers mindsets in advance, mitigate their objections and sell your high-ticket offers!


I’m Lor Bradley, author of Grow Your Tribe. And I’m a business strategist and I show entrepreneurs smart ways to escape the 'feast or famine' trap by working smarter, not harder. 


So, as they say, knowledge is power and the more you know about your ideal paying customer and your offering, the better you’ll able to work out if the two are going to be a good match. And it’s absolutely normal during any selling process to face wobbles and objections from your prospective buyer, so, you need to anticipate objections in advance and then, you need to know how you’re going to deal with them. So, if you’re going to do this, then it’s really important that you dig deep into the hearts and minds of your ideal paying customers.


I’ve got 5 really easy tips of how you can start to reduce those objections before you start selling your high-ticket offers so let’s get started!


Create An Ideal Paying Customer Profile


And this is also sometimes called an ideal client avatar. Now then, avoid the temptation to skip this step as it’s important to create one because IT WORKS. I have another video to help you find your ideal client over here.

Lor Bradley. Ideal Client

And your ideal client, or ideal paying customer profile contains everything about the people who are going to invest in you, who they are, what they do, how they think and feel. And this usually includes demographics and psychographics information.


You can see here a small snapshot of my own ideal paying customer profile for one of my offerings:

Lauryn Bradley. Ideal Client Example
Ideal client profile example. Lauryn Bradley

What I’ve done here is dug deep into their worries and their wants and then I’ve created statements about them. And these statements get used in my sales copy because I know they will connect with those reading them.


So, do as much research as you can online about the people you want to invest in you. I also like to treat this exercise as a meditation and I’ll virtually walk in the shoes of my ideal paying customer and make lots of notes as I’m doing that. You can find out lots about these people by following them on social media and in the places where they’re hanging out talking online. Here's another useful blog where I talk about who your customers follow

Lor Bradley. Who do your customers follow

So, start gathering information about them and build out your customer profile. Remember, you want to be specifically profiling the people who are going to put their hands in their pockets and invest in you!


Focus on Value, Not Pricing


Next, put your focus into understanding the concept of exploiting Value and Not Price. Now, it’s a well-known fact that our customers will make their purchase decisions based on their perceived value of your offering and not its price. And what I mean by that is, if they can see the unique value of what your product or service offers them; for example, how it’s going to transform their life and perhaps help them overcome the major challenge they’re facing, then they’ll be more likely to purchase.


And a practical example of this is, when you hear an objection that your price is too high, it actually usually means they haven’t yet realised the unique value that your product offers. So, what you’ll need to do here is make sure you understand the true value, or the transformational value of your product and make that really clear to your buyers.



Turn Your Focus To Benefits, Not Features or Functions


I’m going to caveat this by saying the features of a product are obviously going to be important to any customer, but people are primarily going to make their buying decisions based on their emotions and wants. We tend to buy what we want rather than what we actually need so communicate how your own offerings benefits uniquely set it apart from everything else out there in the market.


But remember, if you’re going to sell successfully, then you need to clearly show your customer how their life will be better through using your product or service. And what you are doing here is painting a future state picture to connect with your buyer’s emotions and wants, alongside all those other useful features. And doing this is going to help you increase your chances of removing objections around your offering and bagging that high-ticket sale.


Learn To Love The Word "NO"


Ok, my next tip. You’re going to have to get comfortable with hearing the word 'No' because you’re going to hear it A LOT! So, let’s talk about what that 'no' actually means. Now, you’re naturally going to make sales, but if you’re selling a high-ticket offering you’re going to get plenty of no's so you need to get used to it and plan for how you’re going to respond to them.


I’m an introvert and I used to be terrified of getting a 'No' and being caught off guard with how I responded but, with better planning I actually enjoy getting a 'No' because you know what it does? It gives me valuable information about my offering and my ideal paying customer. You can learn so much more about your customers from their 'Nos' than from their 'Yesses!' 


Chapter 9 in my book Grow Your Tribe digs into the different types of 'Nos' you’ll likely hear and, in my book, I also talk about why this is, and I walk you through examples of how to respond. So, these are the top three examples of the sales objections that I face:


  1. “I just can’t afford this right now”
  2. “I need to go away and think about this” and
  3. “I need to talk to my partner”

So, if you want to grab a copy of my book, I’ll leave details of how you can get a copy of that at the end of this blog.


So next time you get a 'No', find out why they’re not interested (just go ask them!) and you’ll gain a much better understanding of how they think and feel. Most of the time for higher priced offerings, especially with services such as business consulting or coaching, it’s their fear of achieving success that sits at the heart of the ‘no’ so it’ll serve you well to write down all the 'Nos' you receive and reflect on why that is, and then plan a response for next time that objection comes up.


Capture Your Customers Attention!


And it doesn’t matter what your ideal paying customer is thinking, feeling or what their objections are to your offering if you can’t get their attention! So, think about it, we’re all really busy and as business owners, we’ve got seconds to make a connection and hook that person into what we have to offer, because their attention is going to be short.


So, think about what you need to do to get their attention, and I suggest starting with thinking about your ideal paying customer and what’s important to them? Think about the problems you’re solving for them and the transformation they’ll have when they invest in you.


And then, sell that! My blog ‘How to solve your customers problems’ will help you to do that.

Lor Bradley.

The most important thing to remember is that making a high-ticket sale is a know, like and trust building exercise. You’re offering a solution to their problem so think about it this way, you’re working together to decide if your offering is the right fit for them.


Always remember to treat your customers kindly when they raise objections and try to understand how they think and feel because there’s usually more behind the objection than first meets the eye.


So, if you can prepare your responses in advance, you’ll be able to smash through those sales objections, you’ll build your confidence and you’ll build great relationships with your customers at the same time.


Until next time!

Lor Bradley.

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