Lor Bradley. Preparing To scale your business?

Preparing To Scale Your Business

Today I’m going to answer the million-dollar question, ‘What is scaling, and how do I know when I’m ready to scale my business?’ And this is one of the things I’m most frequently asked by six and multi-six figure entrepreneurs who’ve been running their businesses for some time.


And before we get started it’s important that you get your timings just right, because if you start to scale before you’re ready you can do more damage in your business than good, and it may take you much longer for your business to take you to where you aspire to be. 


So, stay with me because today I’m going to make this a special masterclass episode and I’m going to dive into what you need to be focusing on when you’re preparing to scale your business.


What We Cover In This Episode:

  • What is scaling?
  • When should you scale?
  • Building a robust business model
  • Creating a clear strategy and plan
  • Smashing your targets & goals
  • A consistent, recurring cashflow
  • Turning away clients is a good thing!
  • Run your back-end like clockwork
  • Become a confident delegator!

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