Lor Bradley. Simplify To Scale Your Business!

Simplify To Scale Your Business!

Many business owners don’t realise that stripping back when you’re starting your scale journey is actually the secret sauce to unlocking revenue generation and increasing profitability in your business. And we’re going to tap into what’s at the root of that in this episode. 


I thought this would be a great topic to talk about because it’s a conversation I've had with clients before they start working with me, and we always talk about their challenges in breaking through to the next level in their scale journey. 


And so many times, the conversation is usually around revenue, or rather the distinct lack of it despite feeling the business is going well.


So, my 1-2-1 clients are generally in their mid multi-6 to 7-figure revenues, and they find that the more they earn, the less profit they make per sale, or per widget. And their profit margins are dropping despite sales being consistent, and they can’t work out why - especially if everything has been going so well thus far!


What We Cover In This Episode:

  • George vs Jo
  • Pushing water uphill with a fork
  • How haphazard scaling can kill your profitability
  • Resist the urge to tinker!
  • Imposter syndrome will creep in
  • Step back to leap forward
  • What to do now?

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