Lor Bradley. The Feast or Famine Cycle & How It Kills Scalability

The Feast or Famine Cycle & How It Kills Scalability.

So today, I’m going to talk about the feast or famine trap, and this is a scenario that’s really common for all sizes of business and it keeps many entrepreneurs trapped. If its left unchecked, it can delay or even get in the way of you moving forward and scaling your business. 


Have you ever felt that sometimes you have periods where you’ve got more work than you know what to do with?  And then, it’s like a switch flips and everything goes quiet, and before long you don’t have enough work coming in.


And when you’re in that situation it feels like a vicious and a very stressful cycle that you can’t seem to escape from. And then, sometime later that switch flips again, and everything feels rosy and abundant.


And this is called the feast or famine cycle. 


What We Cover In This Episode:

  • How the feast or famine cycle traps you
  • The feast cycle
  • The decline into famine
  • The hustle mindset
  • What happens in the famine cycle
  • How to build a consistent income
  • How to escape the famine cycle
  • What to do in your feast cycle

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