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Oh...eM...Gee...haven't we only just left 2020?!!


Say goodbye to yawn-inducing business templates (the ones you'll never complete) and...say "HELLO" to what I think is probably the coolest planner out there.


Desktop, or mobile; my Big Picture Planner will not only keep your business on track, but keep your head in the game.


Get your hands on my piece of business planning awesome-ness today.

Lor Bradley

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You're just one step away from downloading your Trello Business planner and getting one step ahead of the rest to create your best (& most organised) year ahead! 

Lor Bradley's Trello Business Planner

How The 'Big Picture Planner' Works

Look Back

Step 1 - Look Bank To Leap Forward

You'll get off to a solid start by focusing on moving your business forward, by looking back at your last 12 months. Identify your blockers, drains and gotchas.

Set Goals

Step 2 - Set Kick Ass Goals

Goal setting doesn't need to be complicated or time-consuming. I'll show you how to create the Big Picture for your business and how to set your goals!

Create Your Plan

Step 3 - Plan & Get Ready For Action!

You're going to break your goals into

manageable chunks, learn how to prioritise

them to maximise income and set your path to success!

Show Up In Your Business

Step 4 - Show Up Ready To Rock!

I share my two ways to help you show up in your business as the best version of yourself. This part of the planner never fails to make me smile.

Free Training Videos with Lor Bradley. Lor sat at a desk talking.

Free Training Videos

I'll walk you through how to get the best out of your board, set goals, track your progress and tips on how to show up in your business feeling ready for anything!

Free downloadable templates

Download My FREE Templates

My clients tell me when they get organised they like a combination of online and printable tools. I've got you covered with some great template downloads.

Take A Sneaky Peek

I love the Big Picture Planner. Add extra cards, create your own lists, add power ups and make your board just the way YOU like it!

Have Burning Questions?

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Do I need to pay to use Trello?

Are all the materials accessible?

Where are my free templates?

I dont know how to use Trello

How Do I Access Trello?

Lor, can we complete the planner 1-2-1?

Can I copy this and re-share or re-sell it?

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I'm Lor Bradley 🏳️‍⚧🏳️‍🌈

No 'je ne sais quois' to be found here! I'm a qualified business strategist, author and I show entrepreneurs exactly what they need to DO to be brilliant in business.


I'm an 8-figure online business mentor & consultant, not a business coach, so unlike most coaches I have the practical experience and geek-ery to show you how to scale your business to 7-figures and beyond.


I'm a trans non-binary entrepreneur and I’m on a mission to uplevel entrepreneurs from 'spread too thin' and into the CEO of a biz they won't want to take a holiday from!

Plan A Business You Won't Want (or need!) To Take A Holiday From


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